Our change consulting covers two areas - helping organisations design and implement culture change, and equipping leaders and staff with the ability to successfully manage the human dimension of change.

Culture Change

An organisation’s culture is like gravity. You can’t see it or touch it, but it exerts a constant pull that holds things in place. Like gravity, culture is made tangible by its effects; it can be seen in the behaviours and practices of an organisation’s leaders and employees.  

We work with clients to create initiatives in which people can successfully step outside their familiar frameworks to identify and address the embedded attitudes, assumptions, and ways of thinking that drive behaviour and hold the culture’s limitations in place. In doing so, people gain the freedom to act in new ways, and to forge a new culture based on common goals and values.

Leading Change

The pace of change is accelerating exponentially.  Change, for some organisations, is the ongoing state.  Much has been written about how to manage the structural elements of change.  Many managers would have heard of John Kotter’s eight steps for implementing change. Yet many change initiatives are unsuccessful.  Staff often report feeling that change is done to them – rather than with them. 

Why does the gap the between the promise and experience of change exist?  While managers may be skilled at managing the structural side of change - reorganising and restructuring, few managers are skilled at handling the human side of change - loss, letting go, designing collective impact and learning. 

Leading Change and Transition – Workshops for Managers

Catapult has approaches to help managers sort through the human dynamics of change. This can take the form of one or two day workshops or longer consulting assignments. To find out more please contact us.

Engaging Staff in Change

At Catapult, we approach change as an opportunity to unleash the energy and creativity of staff. We design approaches that involve staff in problem-solving and designing innovations to transform their work. To find out more please contact us.