Team Performance

We've been transforming ordinary teams into high performing teams for over a decade using our High Performance Team Framework.

New Teams

The pace of organisational change is faster today than ever. It means new teams are continually forming and morphing and are under pressure to deliver results quickly.  We can help accelerate your new team through the stages of team development to become high performing. Read more...

Existing Teams

There are recognised stages of team development - forming, storming, norming, and performing. Unfortunately most teams do not reach the performing stage. Catapult works with teams to accelerate them to high performance. Using our High Performing Team Framework and online Team Assessment tool we benchmark your team's performance against the dimensions of a high performing team. Your report provides a performance dashboard and reveals what's driving current results. We then work with your team to identify tactics and strategies to accelerate your team to high performance.

Senior Management Teams

High-performance cultures start at the top. Catapult has developed a specific approach for Senior Team Development. We ensure your senior team is committed to a clear organisational direction and goals, functions effectively as individuals and as a team, and models the key drivers of a high-performance culture. Read more...