Catapult NFP Leaders Programme

Catapult NFP Leaders Programme is a three-day leadership programme exclusively for leaders working in the not for profit sector. Catapult NFP Leaders Programme is held during New Zealand Leadership week in Wellington from 3 - 5 July 2017.  

Who Is Catapult NFP Leaders Programme For?

Catapult NFP Leaders Programme is exclusively for not for profit leaders. To be considered a not for profit your organisation must be organised, private, non-profit distributing, self-governing, non-compulsory, and not part of government.

The programme is for existing leaders wanting to inspire and refresh their leadership and for new leaders wanting a powerful foundation for their leadership development. Catapult NFP Leaders Programme unleashes leadership potential and equips participants with a world-class toolbox of leadership skills and resources.  The programme is based on Catapult's award-winning approaches which have been applied by many not for profit organisations to create breakthrough results.

The programme includes a follow-up coaching session with the option of additional coaching and 360 degree feedback.

When And Where?

Wellington CBD 3 - 5 July 2017.

Why The Catapult NFP Leaders Programme?

  • Catapult NFP Leaders Programme is practical and proven.  The leadership tools have been applied by hundreds of New Zealand organisations so you can be confident they will make a real and lasting difference. You will learn not only what leaders need to do, but how to do them with a practical leadership toolbox.
  • Catapult NFP Leaders Programme goes deeper by uncovering that leadership effectiveness is not just about what you do, but about who you are being – your emotional mood or presence. The programme shows you how to adapt your leadership mood to get the results you want.  
  • The programme leaders are world class and present the material in a fresh and engaging way. They have hands on real world senior leadership experience and experience working alongside NFP leaders.
  • While challenging, Catapult NFP Leaders Programme is not a bootcamp. Participants describe the tone of the programme as upbeat with the facilitators creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

What Will I Get?

By the end of Catapult NFP Leaders Programme, you will:

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Know the four things most expected of leaders
  • Have created new habits to make more time for leading
  • Have identified what’s at the source of effective and powerful leadership
  • Have far greater self awareness and leadership wisdom
  • Have created your leadership backbone – your leadership purpose, vision and values
  • Have a comprehensive DISC behavioural profile report showing your primary leadership style and how to adapt your style for best results
  • Know how to create shared purpose, vision and goals for your organisation or team
  • Know how to apply the psychology of influence to get results
  • Know how to create a high-performing team
  • Know and have practised fundamental coaching skills
  • Know how to delegate effectively and in a way that develops others
  • Know the five keys to motivating those you lead
  • Have an action plan to transfer learning back to the workplace


Catapult's vision is to increase the prosperity and well-being of all New Zealanders by creating a big leap in leadership capability and confidence. We recognise that high-quality leadership development programmes are often beyond the means of not for profit organisations.  Because of this, and our commitment to our vision, we are providing this programme for half the price of Catapult's standard three-day residential leadership programme.

Catapult NFP Leaders Programme price: $2,700 exclusive of GST 

There are options to add 360-degree feedback and additional coaching.

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 3 – 5 July 2017


Wellington CBD