In-House Leadership Programmes

Organisations have different leadership needs so a customised solution is often best.  Catapult takes a four stage approach to customisation - discovery, design, delivery, evaluation.  


We work with you to discover the leadership competencies you need to develop. We do this through a combination of competency evaluation tools, such as Lominger, assessment of organisational and sector challenges, and old fashioned conversations. From this we agree the outcomes the programme must deliver.


With the outcomes identified, we then get to work on designing your programme content and structure. We start with a broad outline of proposed content which is progressively developed and detailed.


Our programme leaders are credible and quickly connect with programme participants. Catapult programme leaders have hands-on leadership experience and deliver programme content in a fresh and engaging style - it makes all the difference.


Evaluation is important for refining programme content and delivery and to establish return on investment (ROI). There are various approaches and levels of programme evaluation. Catapult is accredited by the US based ROI Institute and we will work with you to identify what's an appropriate evaluation method.