Leadership Coaching

Whether you're after a leadership coach or want to develop your organisation's coaching capability, we can help.

One-On-One Coaching

People committed to fulfilling their potential tap into the power of a coach. By asking powerful questions and making timely contributions, a coach enables you to bring fresh thinking and new approaches to yourself, those you lead and the challenges you face. Find out more about One-on-One Coaching...

LeaderLab Group Coaching

A LeaderLab is a group of 8 - 10 leaders committed to unleashing leadership in themselves and each other.  A LeaderLab group meets monthly in two-hour forums facilitated by a Master Leadership Coach. Find out more about LeaderLab Group Coaching.

Leading Through Coaching Workshops

For individuals wanting to develop their coaching skills, Catapult runs a two-day coaching skills programme called Leading Through Coaching. The programme is held in Wellington and Auckland. Find out more about the Leading Through Coaching Workshop...

In-house Coaching Workshops

Increasingly leaders are expected to be coaches.  In many organisations coaching is now a competency against which a leader's performance is assessed. However, many leaders struggle to understand what coaching is and how to do it. We design and deliver coaching workshops so your leaders can coach with competence and confidence. Find out more about Catapult's In-House Coaching Programme...

Career Coaching – Catapult Your Career

Catapult specialises in career coaching for leaders and for leadership roles.  Clarify your goals, develop the tools to achieve them and get the very best coaching support tailored to you.  Find out more about Catapult Career Coaching.